Warped Tour 2015

Warped Tour was the pinnacle of my career working for Adam Elmakias. After a few years of helping him with his business and running his online merch store, having a tent on Warped seemed like the natural next step to support his brand. At the point we realized this it was too late to apply and we got rejected at first, but The Entertainment Institute reached out shortly after to ask Adam to teach a workshop on the tour–and the rest fell into place from there.

I traveled on all but one week running Adam’s merch tent, and coordinated the designs, chose all of the blanks we used, and kept up with inventory and ordering through the entire tour (which is surprisingly challenging when you’ve been sitting under a tent in the sun for 14 hours). In my past life I also ran a jewelry business and made a couple of different choker necklaces: a 90s-style tattoo choker with a charm of Adam’s face, and a leather choker with his alien logo. The alien chokers were a hit–and the tattoo chokers were surprisingly popular too despite the utter creep factor–and I even saw someone wearing one a few months later at a Moving Mountains show in New York while I was running *their* merch table. THAT was wild.

One night everyone was playing Werewolf and I was watching from the outskirts with Adam while he took some photos and I mentioned that I wished I’d had my camera but it was soooOo far away. He told me to go get it and said “no one will ever know you’re a photographer if you never take photos” which is now permanently seared into my brain because wow damn u right.

I could say so much more about my Warped Tour experience, because it truly changed my life. I made so many amazing friends and was reminded of how much I love music, and the community and camaraderie you build when going through a grueling 8 week tour in the middle of summer with the same group of people is something you have to experience to understand. Like Burning Man.