Bubbles & Bokeh Overlay Pack

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Photoshop overlays are the original Lightroom preset.

I was calling these textures for a while, but they are 100% certified-by-DeviantArt overlays.

Created by my partner and I in our living room with an old wine bottle, some water and a party light.



Bundle contains 20 original textures for non-commercial use. These look great on concert photography or to spice up the backgrounds of your graphics design projects. Rotate, change colors, or manipulate these as your heart desires. The possibilities are endless! Each image is 3500 pixels on the longest side. To use in Photoshop: 1) Drag the overlay file onto your photograph. 2) With overlay layer selected, use cmd+t to show the bounding box and adjust the size of your overlay. 3) Look at your Layers panel and click the dropbox that reads 'Normal' 4) Cycle through the different options until you find something you like. Try 'Screen' to start. 5) Reduce the intensity by changing the opacity. To change colors: 1) Add an Adjustment layer of your choice (such as Selective Color or Color Balance). 2) Right click the Adjustment in the Layers panel. Select 'Create Clipping Mask' to attach Adjustment to the overlay. (If you don't do this, the Adjustment Layer will apply to your entire image.) 3) With this setup, you may freely adjust the colors of the overlay to better suit your original photograph. Tag me so I can see your magnificent creations! @kellymason on instagram | @kellehhh on twitter