hi! i'm kelly mason

I am a photographer and creative director based out of Oakland, California. My favorite things include rewatching episodes of Rick & Morty with my partner Kirby, treating our three cats a little too much like humans, tending to my house plants, and helping people look and feel awesome in front of the camera.

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I was born and raised in Burien, Washington and passionately supported the Seattle music scene for over a decade through my photography, writing, and publication Rain City Ambience. Local music was my livelihood, even into college when I used school as an excuse to continue pursuing music photography. I graduated with a business degree and reality check: True adulthood was starting. Hello Corporate America. Hello... moonlighting?

Even with a "fun marketing job" I decided I did not want the stress of a demanding corporate job and quit to move to New York. Thats a story for another time, but through this period of life I built a jewelry business, selling my creations on Etsy then eventually at farmers markets after moving back to Seattle a year later. I also worked at one of Seattles very

Through my mid-20s, I worked for Adam Elmakias and helped build his music photography empire over four years. This is when I realized I truly thrive while helping other people do what they do best. Which leads me to today!

Today I

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