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I'm a photographer and creative entrepreneur living in Seattle, Washington. My favorite things include traveling, snowboarding, cooking new recipes and eating good food, and entertaining my two cats, Frank and Bigglesworth. My hair is usually some variation of red. I have been working with bands since 2005 and love helping people craft a strong visual identity.

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I am deeply passionate about the human experience and documenting moments that will become lifelong memories. You'll usually find me with a Fuji X100F, trying to be discreet and probably failing because I'm too excited about the lighting to contain myself.

My professional background is in marketing and I have a business degree from the University of Washington, where I spent most of my time photographing shows and updating my music blog, dodging every career fair and narrowly avoiding a life of Finance. Music photography was barely in demand while social media sites like MySpace and Facebook just started to take off, so I opted for a whirlwind corporate marketing stint in the skateboarding world while making excuses about not wanting to "ruin" my photography passion by making it my career. Classic.

Instead, I wove photography into everything I did, from running my blog and taking portraits for fun to running a jewelry company and helping friends with their small businesses. More recently, I was the Creative Director of Kin Slips and bootstrapped every aspect of the marketing department for over a year. I just really like to help make things work efficiently.

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I was a MySpace kid and am a proud member of the Spice Girls Generation. I've been studying astrology for 6 years and have stelliums in Scorpio and Sagittarius. In human design, I am a 2/4 Emotional Manifestor. If you know what any/all of these words mean, let's connect!

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